MET Links

1.      The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

2.      ABET

Find ABET accredited programs at

3.      Georgia Southern University, College of Engineering and Information Technology Programs

4.      Montana State University

5.      Northeastern University

6.      Old Dominion University

7.      Purdue University

8.      Southern Polytechnic State University

9.      University of Akron à Mechanical Engineering Technology (Bachelor’s Degree) à Undergraduate Bulletin

10.  University of Massachusetts at Lowell

11.  University of North Caroline at Charlotte

12.  University of Southern Maine  --> Industrial Management, Precision Manufacturing, Electro-mechanical Systems, Information & Communications, Construction Management

13.  University of West Florida

14.  Wentworth Institute of Technology

15.  Youngstown State University


 1.      American Academy of Water Resources Engineers

2.      F-Chart Software

3.      KRC Technologies